The Public Joint Stock Company RUMO is one the largest Russian enterprises of heavy machine building industry having its rich history:

  • The enterprise foundation in Riga under the name of JSC Felzer & Co.
1903 - 05
1903 - 05
  • Acquisition of MAN Company's license, the first diesel engine manufacturing.
  • Diesel engines constituted 40 % of products range. Industrial enterprises, electric power plants, marine fleet and river craft ships were equipped with diesel engines of Felzer & Co trademark.
  • First defense production.
  • Manufacture of the first home-made stationary compressorless diesel engine overcoming in service simplicity, reliability, weight and minimum consumption of non-ferrous metals the best foreign similar engines.
1939 - 40
  • Development of gas-generator engine and gas engines running on natural gas.
  • The plant evacuation to Nizhny Novgorod, a large industrial center of Russia.
  • The plant renaming to "Dvigatel' Revolutsii".
  • Development of a marine reversible engine.
  • Export of engines to Turkish electric power plant for the first time.
1941 - 45
  • Defense production.
  • Conferment with the Red Banner of Labour.
1946 - 63
1946 - 63
  • Conferment with the first-grade diploma of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements Committee.
The seventies of the XX-th century
  • Launching the production of three new types of gas engine compressors and an independent modular compressor plant.
  • Products range is updated by 70 %.
  • The plant is reconstructed, new buildings and shops are built.
  • Passenger ships constructed in shipyards of DDR, CSSR and Austria are equipped with G70-5 engines.
  • Stationary diesel G66 (6CHN 36/45) is awarded with the State "Quality Mark".
  • Gas engine compressor 10GKNA is awarded with the State "Quality Mark".
The eighties of XX-th century
The eighties of XX-th century
  • Manufacture of multi-engine gear units G84 for marine and fishing fleet of the ice class and unrestricted navigation area started under Sitroen-Messian Company's license.
  • In cooperation with PJSC "VNIIkholodmash Holding" works on development of a new type of refrigerating equipment with screw compressors started.
  • Within the frames of the State Privatization Program the "Dvigatel' Revolutsii" is transformed into PJSC RUMO. PJSC RUMO is the assignee of the "Dvigatel' Revolutsii" as to all rights and obligations of the enterprise transferred.
  • Manufacture of high pressure pumps NB-125 designed for pumping high-abrasive liquids during cementation, drilling and repairing of oil and gas wells; for water injection into an oil pool while stimulating oil production; for pumping high viscosity liquids including oil.
  • Development of a new generation of diesel engines CHN22/28 designed for use as stationary plants as well as main marine diesel engines and as generator drivers on river and marine ships as well as on Russian Navy ships.
  • Start of development of new reciprocating gas compressors of PK-12, PK-32 types; start of boilers production.
  • Boilers of UTM series are awarded with the "Quality Mark" from Gosstroy of Russia and included in the list "100 Best Goods of Russia".
  • Start of serial delivery of marine diesel-geared sets with diesel engines of CHN22/28 series
  • Beginning of serial delivery of self-contained automated gas boiler plants of container-type on the basis of UTM boilers series.
  • Start of development of advanced gas engines GCHN22/28 of up to 1000 kW power
  • Start of serial delivery of diesel generator sets with diesel engines of CHN22/28 series
  • Delivery of first diesel generator sets operating on biomass fuel to Italy
  • Start of serial delivery of gas generator sets 8DG22G1
  • Delivery of the first gas-pumping unit 4RMP
  • Gold and silver medals of the 35th International Innovations and Investments Competition hold in Geneva for PJSC RUMO's boilers.
  • Putting into operation of first power plants with diesel and gas generator sets having engines of CHN22/28 series
  • First conference of PJSC RUMO's representatives
  • Making short-stroke opposite reciprocating compressor for oil and gas industry.
  • Delivery of gas engine compressors MKC-12 for Azerbaijan oil industry.
  • articipation in International Maritime Defence Show IMDS-2009
  • Commissioning of the compressor station with gas engine compressors MKC-12 at Karadag station of underground gas storage of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic
  • RUMO is the only Russian representative at the most significant event of ship propulsion, power generation and rail traction - World Congress CIMAC 2010 in Bergen
  • Implementation of the first phase of service testing of reciprocating compressors 6PK32 within the gas unit GPA-4 RMP of joint production of JSC RUMO and JSC Saturn - Gas Turbines, Rybinsk
  • Commissioning of the extended Astara compressor station (Azerbaijan) with gas engine compressors 10GKNA of JSC RUMO production. The station was accepted by the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev.
  • signing Memorandum of Intent between CPI company (USA) and JSC RUMO about mutual cooperation in scope of projects for repair, modernization and service maintenance of reciprocating compressors packages by various manufacturers
  • establishment of Trading House RUMO, Ltd from 01.01.2012, to implement all trade and procurement activities of JSC RUMO
  • - Consolidation of JSC RUMO controlling stake was completed by AVTOKOM Industrial Group (IG AVTOKOM). Merging of JSC RUMO with IG AVTOKOM
  • - The retreat chaired by Markelov V.A., Deputy Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee, Sukhov A.P., First Deputy Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District, members of PJSC Gazprom Management Committee, Nizhny Novgorod Regional Government, IG AVTOKOM, and JSC RUMO.
  • - Election of the new Board of Directors at the extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of JSC RUMO. Election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Appointment of General Director by the Board of Directors.
  • - Successful completion of testing of 6PK32 piston compressor for 4RMP gas piston system in cooperation with UEC - Gas Turbines, Joint-stock Company.
  • - Signing of the Protocol on Cooperation between IG AVTOKOM and UEC - Gas Turbines, Joint-stock Company.
  • - Signing of the Protocol on Cooperation between IG AVTOKOM and JSC Sakhaenergo.


Charter of JSC "RUMO" statements, essential facts.


JSC "RUMO"is ready to consider offers businesses and individuals to represent the interests of various businesses in the regions with the right to operate the business
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