Diesel Generator Sets with Engines of 36/45 Series

Diesel Generator Sets with Engines of 36/45 Series

  • Diesel generator sets are used as main and standby sources of electrical power for industrial enterprises and settlements.
  • Diesel generator sets could operate both autonomously and in common network in parallel with other similar sets and mains.
  • Diesel generator sets are installed at diesel power plants in enclosed rooms on concrete foundations.
  • Heat recovery boiler could be installed for central heating, provision of community facilities with hot water, etc.
  • Diesel generator sets reliably operate under continental, arctic and tropical climatic conditions, in high mountains.
  • Diesel generator sets could replace diesel-generators DG66, DG73 in case of 100 % use of foundation for diesel.


Set brandDG72M DG99
Rated power, KW 800 1000
Rotational speed, c-1(rpm) 6,25 (375) 8,33 (500)
Current type, frequency alternating, 50 Hz
Degree of automation first
Voltage, V 400, 6300 400, 6300, 10500
Excitation system static system brushless system
Fuel diesel GOST 305-82, motor GOST 1667 with viscosity up to 36 cSt at 50 °C, prepared raw oil
Specific fuel consumption at rated power, g/kW·h (according to ISO 3046/1) 204,0 194,0
Oil motor GOST 12337, M10B2S, M14V2, M14G2TSS, M10G2TSS
Specific oil consumption for burn-off loss, g/kW·h 1,22 1,22
Overhaul life, h 60000 60000
Weight, kg 33100 36500 (DG99-400)
34100 (DG99-6300)
34100 (DG99-10500)

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