Gas Generator Sets with Engines of 22/28 Series

Gas Generator Sets with Engines of 22/28 Series

  • Gas generator sets are electric power sources for industrial enterprises and settlements in regions remote (switched off) from centralized power systems and also are reserve power sources at enterprises with continuous production processes.
  • Gas generator sets could operate both autonomously or in common network in parallel with other similar sets and mains.
  • Gas generator sets are installed at stationary gas power plants in enclosed, heated and ventilated rooms on common underframe and concrete foundation. They could be installed on shock-absorbers.
  • Gas generator sets could be completed with automatic remote control system permitting to maintain engines in "hot standby" and to start engines, load generator sets, enter them in parallel operation with other sets, control rotation speed and loading value in automatic mode.
  • Gas generator sets reliably operate under conditions of continental, arctic and tropical climate and in high mountains.
  • General arrangement of gas generator sets provides easy access to components and assemblies demanding periodical visual inspection and maintenance as well as repair ability. Generator sets are delivered in completeness with tools and accessories necessary for quick and qualified disassembling, assembling and repair.
  • High efficiency of sets on fuel and oil as well as small cost of providing service and maintenance provide minimal cost of energy unit output.


ParametersType of generator set
Generator set: 6DG22G2 8DG22G2 6DG22G1 8DG22G1
Power, kW 6308008001000
Rotation speed, rpm 7501000
Current type alternating, three-phase
Current frequency, Hz 50
Voltage, V 400 or 6300 400, 6300 or 10500 
Dry weight, t 21,0 25,0 21,0 25,0
Engine: 6G22G2  8G22G2  6G22G1 8G22G1 
Rated power, kW 6638428421052
Maximum power, kW 6938728721157
Number of cylinders 6 68
Cylinder bore, mm 220 220 220 220
Piston stroke, mm 280 280 280 280
Rotation speed, rpm 750 75010001000
Mean piston speed, m/s 7,0 7,0 9,39,3
Compression ratio 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,5
Fuel Natural gas GOST 5542-87 with heat capacity of 7500…8600 kcal/nm3
Rated pressure of fuel gas, not less than, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,3 (3,0) 0,3 (3,0) 0,3 (3,0) 0,3 (3,0)
Hourly consumption of natural gas at rated load, nm3/h ** 173220220274
* Specific oil consumption for burn-off loss, g/kW·h 0,90,90,90,9
Dry weight, t 14,0 17,5 14,0 17,5
Overhaul life, thousand hours 70706060

* - during operation by using natural gas with heat capacity of 8550 kkal/nm3

**- according to ISO 3046/II

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