PJSC RUMO Service Department has over 80 years experience in assembly and maintenance of heavy engineering products. 

At the present time, the Service Department offers the following range of services for engines produced by our plant as well as for any foreign and domestic power equipment of 200 kW and over capacity:

  • contract supervision and commissioning works of any power and compressor equipment;
  • expert inspection of power plants, marine power plants, analysis of unit state with preparation of a list of deficiencies
  • permitting to optimize expenses for repair and spare parts;
  • all types of maintenance, repair and setup works;
  • modernization of units being in service and newly assembled;
  • retrofit of diesel engines for operation on gas fuel and in dual fuel combination drive;
  • machining (elimination of conicity and ovality) of crankpins of diesel 36/45 without engine disassembly, with delivery of oversize inserts;
  • training of your maintenance personnel. 

The quality of delivered products and rendered services is confirmed by the "Certificates of Recognition" of the Russian River Registry, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping". 

PJSC RUMO Service Department ensures application and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies for non-standard solution of specific assembly and technical issues at the Customer' site that will provide a high quality of executed works with minimum expenses.

Discounts for spare parts and service are provided for permanent Customers.


Charter of JSC "RUMO" statements, essential facts.


JSC "RUMO"is ready to consider offers businesses and individuals to represent the interests of various businesses in the regions with the right to operate the business
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